Children of the Nile is a unique gem of a city-building game, unparalleled in both grandeur and attention to detail. As Pharaoh of ancient Egypt, you build glorious cities and massive pyramids, to create a civilization that will live through the ages. Every inhabitant of your city is a fully developed person - part of an individual household with wants and needs, from priests to entertainers, scribes to laborers and many others. -Immersive 3D graphics -Lifelike citizens -Breathtaking monuments commemorate your achievements -Exploration, combat, diplomacy, trade -Expansive Campaigns, Map Editor

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amazing games.


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Although being ready for some impressive building simulator, this game not impressed me at all.
First, i dont know why, but while game is "unpaused" all camera movement is clunky and jerky. I was thinking its issue with videocard but lowering anything to minimal not helped at all - you can move cam smoothly only when game is paused.
Next, even on high video setting game is still pretty much ugly. Too much of brawn ground, and yellow sand, all models is very rough.

Now, gameplay. This game have pretty big amount of building options, houses, facilities and so one, but i didnt found anything really new in this game in comparison with, say Stronghold 2. No direct control on population, unclear building options, glitch graphics and overall ugly picture.
Oh oh.
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