CDF Ghostship Ghostship is a first person shooter (old style) with 5 different game modes and a huge open world space craft to explore.

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Jun 9 2013 Anchor

This is your chance to rate the alpha and give a simple feedback marker on your overall experience with the Alpha.

Before deciding please answer these questions to yourself.

As far as an Indie game goes, did you enjoy it?

Was the game challenging and had replay value for a demo?

Would you be willing to pay £10 for this game when it is finished?

Did you like the overall concept of the game and the style of Ghostship?

If you had a system with the minimum suggested specs then did it run without problems?

After asking these questions to yourself please give the vote you think the alpha deserves.

Thank you for your time

Jun 29 2013 Anchor

I'd give this Alpha (V0.32 - V0.33) an 8/10.

-> Most of the spawned enemy issues, will be dealt with I believe in V0.34 (or is it V0.34?).
-> AI is still WIP, and is pretty good for what it is, when the enemies lack scripted pathfinding.
-> Content available in the Alpha is pretty darn good.
-> Hard to say on the "replay" value. I'll have to shelve this point for later. But it was challenging.
-> Definitely will buy it.
-> Its a well-made and designed Indie game.
-> I do like the concept and overall style for the game.

-> I overexceeded recommended specs, and the game ran from marginal (20 FPS on average; The ingame framerate counter is unreliable; I had FRAPs running and it showed about 20 FPS on average.) to horrendous (less than 10 FPS). Framerate is my biggest game peeve. I can stand many other issues for a game, but framerate is one that I cannot stand. I understand it is an Alpha, and I understand that normally, I turn off certain game settings to enjoy a higher framerate, so I will have to wait and see what kind of graphical optimizations are available in the beta. Since this IS an alpha, I'm taking it easy on the scoring for this. Normally bad framerate games get 4 or less out of 10, as this is simply unacceptable. Lag is the other big one.
-> Zombies need to be reworked. Trying to make sure they stay dead is very problematic, especially when you don't know when you are actually hitting them in the head, as you don't have crosshairs, and theres nothing special that happens when you hit the head. You only know you've been hitting them in the head when they stop getting back up again. Check my suggestions thread for a couple ways of dealing with this issue.
-> Last big one for me is Checkpoints and Saving. I'm fairly sure that the beta will have it, but if it doesn't, it needs to be mentioned. Most FPSs with Checkpoint save system is a royal pain in the butt. There needs to be a way to save a game mid-level, as sometimes you are doing extremely well, and others extremely poorly. Sometimes you romp your enemies, and other times they massacre you.

The "replay" value is highly dependent on the framerate optimization in the beta. If it doesn't help greatly increase my framerates, then I will have no "replay" value, as it will be a pain in the butt to get through the campaign with terrible framerates. As I stated earlier in one my other posts, I play Skyrim, Crysis 1-3, Far Cry 3, Tomb Raider and a host of other graphically intensive games on this gaming laptop with nominally high framerates and excellent texture quality.

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