CDF Ghostship Ghostship is a first person shooter (old style) with 5 different game modes and a huge open world space craft to explore.

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Jun 9 2013 Anchor

Please feel free to post feedback on the alpha, the alpha is only a tiny portion of the game and does not contain the inventory system and journal screen in story mode. Please post bugs etc in the Bug report Thread.

Feedback you offer may be implemented into the final release if viable, so feel free offer any feedback you think may improve the game.

Jun 27 2013 Anchor

Game Suggestions:

-> Unless this is available in other sections of the ship, I'd suggest putting more of those red klaxons and fog effects on other decks (the ones you encounter at the very start of the alpha, but not encountered since). These added quite a bit of initial atmosphere that I think would help make some of the other decks much more interesting.

-> Try finding a new location for either the MK4 or the minigun. Having them spawn in the same location is a bit of an overkill... especially as the Armory is supposed to be well... the armory where the good stuff is stored (in theory at least; its the place I'd normally look for the big guns). They are proly in the same spot because its the alpha, but thought I'd mention it.

-> Storeroom B, lacks a sufficient enough reward for clearing it out (though in V0.33 its not occupied, but that part is fixed; I cleared it out in V0.32). Being that both Storeroom A + B both have armor and large health kit, its better to clear out Storeroom A, as its safer, and you won't die trying to get to it. I'd suggest maybe moving a rare weapon in here (maybe the minigun or a rocket launcher or something special) as well as ammo to go with it. Otherwise, its just not worth it to open that door.

-> Mid-Late game, there is no reason to use the Lazer Pistol or Plasma Pistol. Perhaps add additional functionality to these weapons so that they are not considered obsolete in every way when you get the MK3 Rifle (as it has a Sight and A Tac Light). Or perhaps heavily increase their damage value so that people will consider using them in shorter fights with smaller opponents. I think that upgrading these weapons will have players using them throughout the majority of the game.

-> Theres some boxes at the start of Hanger 2 (the one you begin the game in), where if you travel over them, you find nothing at the end of the hall. I think that maybe adding some kind of goodie here for those that take the time to explore would be nice. Anything from some extra ammo clips, some armor, to a weapon. Since its out of the way, not everyone would notice it, though if they came back this way after the lockdown was lifted they may find it.

-> Consider making one or some of these changes for the Plasma SMG:
1) Reduce the magnification of the screen for the scope; its really hard to use the SMG while aiming down the sights with the current magnification. I've not heard of high-powered sniper scopes on SMGs before.
2) Remove the scope and have iron sights as it is sometimes problematic aiming with the SMG
3) If you remove the scope, perhaps add a Laser Dot Sight to it

-> Consider tweaking the zombies:
1) Instead of having to kill them with headshots where they just get back off the ground, how about just giving them a brick ton of health.
2) Alternatively, have it so that body shots do not produce blood spurts, so that we know when we aren't hitting the head and make it so that the body shots deals no damage, forcing us to kill with headshots, and then when they go down, they do not get back up again.
3) Alternatively, have it so that it takes A LOT of body shots OR a single headshot to kill. Think about it, a zombie hit in the head once should render it inoperable.

-> Consider for more the final game optimization level stuff for lower-end computers or computers that want to enjoy certain features of the game without a chugging framerate. Examples:
1) Option to turn off PhysX effects = A lot of games that do have PhysX effects, has the option to turn them off.
2) Option to reduce shadow effects = Shadows consume a lot of system resources.
3) Option to reduce static body/egg textures = Extra work must be done to render the fanciness of these objects.

-> Consider having dead bodies disappear faster. Most dead aliens clip heavily and ragdoll a lot when they are dead. I know that it helps to have them for the atmosphere, but consider having them disappear in say 15 seconds (currently takes a 60 to 90 seconds). A playing dead alien will usually get back up in less than 15 seconds, so the atmosphere should still be find with this option. While the bodies are active, they do consume resources that could be used for other things... like more aliens.

-> Consider having aliens spawn in realistic locations. Realistic being like the entrance to another deck, or passageway. Having them spawn in the middle of a room where there is no clear way how they spawned in there, breaks realism. Or have air ducts, like in Dead Space :)

If I think of other things, I'll post em.

Jun 28 2013 Anchor

There are 21 decks in the full game, the space station and colony, there's lots more to come.

Weapons, ammo, medikits and quest items will be dynamically generated and placed in the full game. Half the weapons are in game, and as you will see in the new alpha, the game and weapon availability has been restructured.

SMG has a laser dot sight, and as previously stated, the II sights will be more finally tuned when all weapons are in game.

Zombies already fixed and working properly with head shots although there is a random bug where the odd one may be invulnerable for a few seconds.

Enemies are already sorted with dissapearing in new alpha.

Enemies when fully working will be optimally placed for the jump effect as you will see in new alpha.

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