Arguably the most well-known indie game of all time, Cave Story+ features a completely original storyline wrapped with personality, mystery and hours of fast-paced fun. Cave Story+ is an action-adventure game that is critically acclaimed indie game. Overflowing with unmatched charm and character, Cave Story+ takes you into a rare world where a curious race of innocent rabbit-like creatures, called Mimigas, run free. Run, jump, shoot, fly and explore your way through a massive action-adventure reminiscent of classic 8 and 16-bit games. Cave Story+ features higher resolutions, tons of new art and music, along with content not available in the original version.

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Nov 25 2011 Anchor

Is the "Cave Story" developer ever coming back to Desura? His profile states that he last visited almost a year ago...
I suppose that he's probably been busy with "Cave Story 3D", though I'm wondering where exactly can one check up on his work? Twitter? :S

Dec 11 2011 Anchor

I'm not sure whether Pixel's English is up to scratch. Japanese developers often seem reclusive because of the language barrier.

Also, Pixel is supposedly mooting a sequel, but it's very vague. See, Cave Story was supposed to be his 'retirement' game. So him coming back at all is kind of ironic.

Jan 22 2012 Anchor

Speaking of which, what's with the "Unavailable" status on Desura? Ever since the CaveStory+ made its way around the Desura version was taken down...

Jan 24 2012 Anchor

No idea... maybe it's a bug. You should ask Henley if you're worried

Mar 27 2012 Anchor

The reason it was taken down was it was reported that Pixel didn't know anything about Cave Story being on Desura and apparently wasn't happy. I have no idea if he knows/knew we were giving it away for free. I had just talked with one of the developers who had the source code and gave me a brand new updated version to correct some issues. I would have figured that he got Pixel's permission since he has the source code to the game. Until this is resolved the free version of Cave Story has been removed.

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