The Space Devil has taken your alien wife to ANOTHER DIMENSION!
Getting her back won't be easy, your UFO is powered by cats, of which you have exactly zero...

Bumble through a world of jerks and nutcases in the search for cats!
You'll encounter many a jerk! And likely be a jerk yourself on multiple occasions.

Cat-Powered UFO is an RGP inspired by titles like "EarthBound".

The main idea was to have a game with the charm, trippiness, and fun of old RPG games, but to take away a lot of the grind.

Rather than battle the same enemies multiple times, the battles are unique to each other! With a different minigame in each!

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Game Release!


Release video thumbnail idea3

It's been a long time in the making, but Cat Powered UFO is at long last available on Steam!

Here are some free Steam Keys for the lucky first three people who click this article!


Note: Don't copy the x's, they are just to stop bots ;)

If you haven't yet heard of Cat Powered UFO, let me give you a brief description.

Imagine a short and sweet Earthbound-like game, but you can troll the NPCs and be an all-around jerk!

Cat Powered UFO is never the same thing twice! Once minute your battling in turn-based combat, the next you're in a foot race against a giant bunny with a ham instead of legs, then next thing you know, you're licking a giant mushroom!

2021 08 18

If you're in the market for a fun little experience, I humbly suggest you give Cat Powered UFO a try. You won't regret it! :D

Cat Powered UFO!  Wishlist on Steam

Cat Powered UFO! Wishlist on Steam


Cat Powered UFO is a blend of turn-based RPG combat and old-school Zelda top-down action. Collect cats, visit crazy dimensions, and be a jerk to NPCs...

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