Climb the infinite tower with your bestest bro as you fight endless bosses who evolve based on every action you make.

Bosses Forever 2.Bro is a lovingly crafted homage to two of the best things that ever happened to gaming: boss fights and neon. Go solo or take a bro - either way you'll have to jump, dash and blast your way through an infinitely evolving mechanical menace rocking sweet shades. How far can you climb?

The game is out now! Download a copy at

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So I'm bad at the whole "remembering to update Indiedb" thing.

BOSSES FOREVER 2.BRO is out! (and has been since December 2013 ^^;; )

It's been a hell of a journey (or a nirvana of one, really) - bugs were fought with, overcome. Requests were made, implemented or politely rejected. We ported to Ouya because why not. There is a MAC and a PC version for download, both with native controller support which is awesome. Hyper mode is in there if you're pro.

All in all - jobs a good'un!

We had quite the experience doing this and feel that it has made us twice as ready (at least!) for putting out quality work in the upcoming Sportsball! Keep your eyes open for info on #projectdumptruck in the days to come!

Kuma and Auston

Beta Soon

Beta Soon


Beta coming on facebook soon - like next weekish or so


I'm really impressed with how this came out. It is really solid.

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LOOKS SOO ******* awesome
i really love this retro style in the indie games

I hope this going to be release
soon to make a review/gameplay of this Diamanon in arcade x3

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TOODX Creator

thanks slendy-sensei. We love retro-style too. The beta should be available on our website later this week :)

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