Bloody Trapland is a fast-paced multiplayer platformer where the levels are filled with dozens of dangerous traps and tricky jumps that stand in your way! Play co-op with your friends or take on the challenges on your own. With support for both local and online multiplayer.      •    100+ levels.      •    1-4 Players.      •    Three different game modes.      •    co-op only and secret areas.      •    Online scoreboard.      •    4 playable characters.      •    Unique soundtrack.      •    Hours and hours of gametime. This is a challenging, yet simple game that anyone can enjoy, whether you're a casual or a hardcore gamer.

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Mar 9 2012 Anchor

I will be brutal about the bugs and that as you have been brutal with me when I played this game. I've beaten your entire game even the abysmal final level I am saddened that I am unable to play the secret level in the first area, the fourth, and the fifth it drives me absolutely nuts I've tried everything I can think of.

Mar 10 2012 Anchor

haha good job in finishing the last level, not an easy task.
Some of the secrets in adventure mode do require co-op to reach.

But have you beaten all the race levels?

Mar 12 2012 Anchor

I haven't beaten all the race levels also I thought co-op would be needed but it doesn't work. I'll post another reply when I've started an LP with a link to the first part btw if you could fix the co-op asap that would be greatly appreciated. I have about 1,272 subscribers atm I'm hoping to get your game out there. As it stands though considering the glitches and that I feel it's overpriced. One glitch which just randomly happens is where the tileset will overlay itself transparent over the main level making you think you can stand on a platform or need to avoid something when it's not even supposed to be there.

Mar 13 2012 Anchor

Nice, LP's are always alot of fun to watch and most definitely welcome :)

Iam afraid that I don't really know which bugs you are mentioning, but please do post them in a little more depth in the support forum and I will have a look at it, thanks.

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Apr 12 2012 Anchor

I've begun to upload the LP first part

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