Bloody Trapland is a fast-paced multiplayer platformer where the levels are filled with dozens of dangerous traps and tricky jumps that stand in your way! Play co-op with your friends or take on the challenges on your own. With support for both local and online multiplayer.      •    100+ levels.      •    1-4 Players.      •    Three different game modes.      •    co-op only and secret areas.      •    Online scoreboard.      •    4 playable characters.      •    Unique soundtrack.      •    Hours and hours of gametime. This is a challenging, yet simple game that anyone can enjoy, whether you're a casual or a hardcore gamer.

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Jul 2 2012 Anchor

i tried to be host in game and let my friends enter my IP address but always shows 'time out' never connect the game
i would like to ask some help/support which can tell me the steps or what should i do with the connection , thx

Jul 2 2012 Anchor

You need to open port 6883 to be able to host a server.
Check here if it's opened succsefully

You could also try playing through hamachi:

Jul 3 2012 Anchor

Could tell us in details how to use hamachi? because i never used this kind of program

Jul 3 2012 Anchor

Hi, Elysionism. Sure, I will put together a faq here on the forum.

posted a guide right here:

Edited by: Torshall

Aug 5 2012 Anchor

It never lets me and my friends play together, it always says "Connection Failed" or "Timed out"
What can we do to make it let us play together?

Aug 5 2012 Anchor

Hi Rawra,Check out the guide I posted in the comment above, and follow the "hamachi"

Oct 17 2012 Anchor

It still doesnt seem to work for me...

Jan 11 2013 Anchor

go to this thread if you want to play without lagg and want to play nice.

PLZ SHARE THIS LINK. This will help Bloody-trapland multiplayer gameplay to all players

Mar 23 2013 Anchor

I cant even get my bloody trapland demo to download for some reason.

Mar 23 2013 Anchor

hey Gohan,
try downloading the standalone instead.. Desuras client is messing sometime.

Aug 13 2013 Anchor

It just says this to me on

Error: I could not see your service on port (6883)
Reason: Connection timed out

Aug 16 2013 Anchor

It's impossible to say why exactly as it varies for everyone. But make sure that you setup portforwarding correctly in you're router/computer/firewall etc

Oct 9 2013 Anchor

So I was using the Hamachi Client last night and my friend and i could play but only when he was hosting on the virtual server thing I created, Now tonight Neither of us can Join eachother. Why is this?

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