Blind is a series of dreams of a girl who lost her sight in an accident. Main feature: most objects in the game are black, therefore it is impossible to distinguish between a floor or a wall, the ladder or a hole. Space is defined by rain, that, by colliding with objects, creates an unstable, but interesting image of the world.

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Here I would like to write a little about the idea of a "Blind", what I want it to be, and why the hell is it raining there all the time)

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Here I would like to write a little about the idea of a "Blind", what I want it to be, and why the hell is it raining there all the time) Well, Blind is my attempt to express blindness via art. Some time ago my friend told me about her sister, who lost sight, but managed to deal with it and move on, living a full life. it stuck in my head. One time I was experimenting with Unity, trying to see what I can and can't do. I made a room where everything was pitch black, no matter how much light sources there was. So I got thinking, how can I show the space to the player, without really changing anything. I'm not sure how i came to the idea of the rain, but it worked.
The rain is the representation of limited perception of the world. When you touch an object with your eyes closed, you can't see the color, texture. But you feel the form drawing it in your mind with each touch. Rain allows Player to... blindly touch the world around him, making him see only form, but not anything else. This way Player is robbed of his/her usual visual elements, like contrast, clear borders etc. This limitation forces Player to experience the new way of looking at the world via gameplay, not just a story. The whole idea is kinda similar, as found out recently, to the rain scene from "Daredevil" movie, only I don't have that much budget and am trying to make it interactive)
I chose the dreams theme, because it allows to explain the rain without science fiction or magic, and also allows me to paint the only and main character via the levels that Player goes through.
I am currently working on the trailer and another, polished version of the first demo. The trailer will be ready in a week, I hope, maybe sooner. I have to finish the demo first.

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