BlackRose is a retro first person shooter centring around a woman named Ronja...a computer hacker with a penchant for exposing unscrupulous organisations for what they really are. But Ronja gets a lot more than she bargains for when she sets her sights on the notoriously secretive Osiris Corporation - a company with a tendency to release its lawyers, hit-men, or both to silence its critics. The more she uncovers about Osiris, the less clear her true identity and motives become. A dark and surprising take on the theme of changing coming from within, BlackRose tackles corporate cannibalism and institutionalisation head on with lots of firepower.


- Action-packed gameplay requiring a combination of stealth and brute force;
- Cunning enemy AI;
- The ability to dodge enemy bullets with acrobatic manoeuvres;
- Levels that incorporate artwork from real-world artists (featured artist Steph Aracil -;
- Intense electronic sound track;
- Hidden objects in every level including a ridable sports bike, performance-boosting adrenaline capsules and body armour just to name a few...

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Version 1.0.3 out now!


Version 1.0.3 of BlackRose is out now including:

- New stealth attack - Ronja can now neutralise enemies by jumping on them from above;
- New enemy AI - now smarter and more spatially aware;
- New ammo cache system - allows you to keep remaining rounds when reloading;
- New HUD including new ammo readouts;
- Smoother graphics and lighting;
- Numerous performance enhancements.

User-requested features include:

- The ability to skip Ronja's first conversation with Dimitri (level 3);
- A half-way checkpoint in the last level;
- The final battle is now tougher;

A big thank you to all BlackRose fans whose comments and requests have helped the game to become what it is today! More to come...

The evolution of BlackRose

The evolution of BlackRose


From the experimental project it once was, BlackRose has come a long way!

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