The game is a classic arcade style shoot-em-up. Originally programmed in 2013 by Sam Schafer, it has since been completely remastered with new gameplay mechanics, new art-style and new enemies, while still containing the original concept at heart. The game features an original soundtrack produced by DJ ESKIMO, with help from Devin Schafer. The music was designed to inspire the player to keep moving forward! Shoot bad guys, solve puzzles, and explore five different unique settings in your chase to stop Willy from taking over the west! But be careful, as there are many dangers that await you...

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Howdy Partners!

It has been quite some time since I've been able to get up here and share some of my projects, but after long last, the 2.0 update for Billy Gunslinger is finally released!

This is the first actual update the game has received since it's initial release back in January of 2019! So, what kinds of things are improved in this new update?

For starters, a lot of quality-of-life improvements have been made to make the game more fun to play. This includes anything from bug fixes to the addition of new graphical and UI enhancements! And of course, the main entree of this grand update: a brand new two-player co-op game mode!!

The idea of a two player game mode in Billy Gunslinger dates all the way back to the very original version of the game back in 2013, so after all these years it is exciting to finally see this mode arrive in the game!

To access the new mode, simply plug in a gamepad compatible with Windows into the computer while on the main menu screen of the game, and you should see a second player appear on the screen! From here you can start the game and experience the 20+ new levels built specifically for co-op play!!

So what're you waiting for? Grab yourself partner in crime and go save the Wild West!

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Year Two Update Coming Soon!

Year Two Update Coming Soon!


The first major update for Billy Gunslinger will release in late summer 2020!

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Billy Gunslinger 2 0

Billy Gunslinger 2 0

Full Version

The 2.0 update for Billy Gunslinger! This update introduces a brand new two-player co-op mode, as well as some other QOL improvements!

Billy Gunslinger

Billy Gunslinger

Full Version 1 comment

Here is the full game! Originally released January 12, 2019!

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