In the dystopian future of the year 1985 you must convince the world of skiers that snowboarding is still rad.

Bigger, more mountainous, even more snowboardy! Big Mountain Snowboarding returns with everything taken to the next level. Flips, falls, and ski resort sized open world maps with many challenges to complete.

We released the first Big Mountain Snowboarding in 2009 for iPhone. Since then we've gotten over 3 million players on iOS, Android, Windows 8, Blackberry, and Windows Phone 8. It was our first game as a company. We've had 4 years to hear about what we nailed, what we didn't get right, and what was missing. Big Mountain Snowboarding 2 is a complete rewrite from the ground up. We're much better as artists, programmers, and designers nowadays. We're also not constrained by iPhone 3g limitations anymore. The sequel is aimed at pc, consoles, and newer mobile devices.


  • Top quality controls made by real snowboarders. Controls are the one thing that really sets apart the first game from other snowboarding games, and we're making sure to continue to focus on them.
  • Huge open world maps. We're talking 9 square miles. Enough terrain to make Vail jealous.
  • Flips grabs and tricks. We have over 50 in-air animations already, with the list set to expand.
  • Ragdoll falls. A necessity if you are doing backflips off 50 foot cliffs.
  • Big Mountain Feel. The movies of Jeremy Jones and Travis Rice are big inspirations.
  • Challenges spread across the mountain. One of the complaints about the first game was there wasn't enough to do on the slopes.
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We've done a ton of work on getting the mountain respectable. About 1/4th of the frontside has trails now.

The skybox was completely replaced. The old one just wasn't very convincing.

The trail tool now supports trails that split into branches, and we have a way to add cliffs wherever we want.

We still need to add objects to the map. Primarily trees and rocks, but the park will be made up mostly of placed objects too.

Coming up next is probably tablet controls and the challenges system.

Big Mountain Snowboarding 2 joins Indiedb

Big Mountain Snowboarding 2 joins Indiedb


An update on the current state of Big Mountain Snowboarding upon joining indiedb.

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