You are Floyd Bagis, a Union soldier in the middle of the American Civil War. A simple pull out past Virginia has turned into the last stand for human life within America. Metallic monstrosities have poured out in seemingly endless numbers, and are attacking any man, woman, and child they find. Fight your way through a destroyed city and stop the threat of the Robots for good! Robotic Rebellion is a game set in the times of the American Civil War.

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So! This is the second half of the update number 2. This update is going to be more about decisions, your feedback, and some of the little progress we've made since the last update. So! Lets get on with it!

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So! This is the second half of the update number 2. This update is going to be more about decisions, your feedback, and some of the little progress we've made since the last update. So! Lets get on with it!

OK, so you all know that we have been mostly working on the PC version of the game. Really this being that we don't have a PSP coder at the moment. Well, I started thinking... what if I could do the PSP coding? I know, i know, PSP coding is MUCH harder then PC coding. You have to take into account the VERY limited hardware limitations of the PSP. This means that if we did end up working on the PSP version then all other versions of BtL would be halted. BUT that isn't a bad thing either.. I'll tell you why ( only if you want to know ;] ).

Almost ALL of the traffic coming to this page is over in the PSP section. Now, I'm not saying we would work on the PSP version only for the traffic. I'm saying that no one over in the PC/iPhone/Android section even knows about this game. Meaning that the teams releases would be going to no-one, and no-one would be having fun playing them..

One other thing is that I would DEFINITELY need to use a different engine. Now, I sort of stumbled across something while reading updates for various successful PSP games. Games like "Cause of War" and "NZ:P" have been using a different engine then Kurok.. "DarkQuake". I don't know if this engine source is hidden between the "god devs" of the PSP section or what, but a quick google search found me nothing.. But maybe they can update me on what this is all about. :) Now, on to other things..

YOUR FEEDBACK!! is much appreciated! I really hate coming on this page and seeing no new comments on anything. :/ I like talking to people!! Comment!! Even if it's something completely random I don't care. So, that being said.. comment on this post! Tell us if you think we should start the PSP version and leave everything behind, or keep working on the PC version. (boring..)

So, now on to the reason there hasn't been to much progress lately.. (on my part). Well, school. My grades have dropped DRASTICALLY, and I can't afford to have bad grades, because bad grades means no computer, and no computer means to BtL. :'(. SO, I have been taking a bit of a break to try and bring my grades up. The rest of the team on the other hand.. hasn't. OH, and speaking of the rest of the team..

MeatBox's "Town Hall" map ran at a solid 60 FPS on PSP. I know, it will run less with AI, and all of the models. (about 30 - 40 FPS I suppose) But the good thing is, is that we now have two modelers, so that means more models, which means less brushwork!

One other thing is that I don't have a PSP. Luckily Jukki knows of a PSP emulator that can successfully emulate homebrew on PC. I messaged him back.. But he hasn't responded. Hmm. :/ I'm waiting anxiously!! :D

So, that's it for this update. :'( I'll see you all in the comment section!! :D


Hold on.... Where am I?
EDIT: Oh, there I am :D

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