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Apr 12 2012 Anchor

Here's a list of what you will see in the new 0.5.2:

Effects scripting now supported - This means ship can die, or spawn particles as part of an effect (lightning field for example, or cloaking)
Improved tooltip for the "End Turn" button that explains why it's greyed out so you can correct the issues before ending your turn.
Ability to cancel movement order - When a fleet's movement order is cancelled, it will merge with the fleet that don't have any movement order
Logging for debugging purposes - This will log all the data files being read in, this will be helpful for both modders and me. It will specify where in the data file the game is having problems reading. For example, if the game was expecting a valid number, but got an invalid one (such as "A2" instead of "2"), it will record that in the log.
Fixed a 2D engine issue where race images are duplicated (Space Hamsters and Zero People uses Humans artwork)
Fixed culture issues with reading numbers (comma vs dots). The game will use en-US culture for reading numbers (dots instead of comma for decimals)

At the same time that I will release this patch, I will also release a demo version of the game. In the demo version, there will be two differences between this and the full version:
You can't save/load games (right now, saving/loading is not implemented, but when it is, it won't be added to the demo version)
Turns will be limited to 30 turns, and battle simulator will be limited to 2 turns.

Everything else will have the same functionality, to allow you to get a taste of what the game have to offer.

I hope to have all of this done within a week!

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