From original BattleTech/MechWarrior creator Jordan Weisman and the developers of the award-winning Shadowrun Returns series comes the next-generation of turn-based tactical 'Mech combat.

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Atlasfield says

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Excellent turn based game with epic battles, nice sound, excellent music and a very nice story. I think is one of the best games I ever played of that saga, however it has some issues but well, I think are acceptable. There is my review:

Good points.

- Gameplay, a little complicated on the begining but after it is easy to play.
- Music, is excellent, epic, sad, I feel like the old games.
- Sound effects, very limited but are ok, more specific when you fire the PPC, sounds like it hurts. ;)
- Campaign/story mode, is not too large but is enough for play and enjoy it.
- Large battles, some are very difficult and require think carefully your movements.
- Custom options for mechs and mercenaries.

Bad points:

- Many loadscreens and time required for load even the mech bay.
- After the story end, the campaign mode convert on a sandbox, I´d liked focus a little more on the conflicts between the houses or something more interesting than generate randomly missions.
- Sometimes the missions can be repetitive or not very interesting, or very hard with a small payment and viceversa.
- Some weird physics effects, speciality when mechs interact with buildings, a wall fly like a box!
- The color palette is a little limited for custom the mechs, or at least I feel it need more dark colors or more patterns for camos.
- The contracts lies! xD Some missions are very easy and you carry an Atlas, but sometimes you carry a balanced team with recruits... vs 2 assaults lances and reinforcements of tanks, holy Molly!
- Maybe, maybe, maybe some mechs are a little unbalanced, Atlas should be a monster on the battlefield but is hard to control, I think is more efficient Highlander: jump, gauss rifle and many heat sinks, other example is, how in the hell can resist a lot of damage a Vindicator compared for example with a Quickdraw... even a Vindicator can carry better equitment than this mentioned, etc.

I recomend the game, yes it has many lack things but are ok, I really enjoyed it, but I feel it needs dlc, maybe when the clans arrive? should be interesting. :3

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