Baller is a match three type (without the matching), plus gravity, plus strategic difficulty. There are nearly 20 unique effects, a dozen ball property variants, a handful of different objectives, other varietal goodies, and a whole lot of combinations of all of the above - 100 levels worth to be precise! A basic level starts with balls falling from the sky. You play by selecting which effect/ability you want to use and picking a ball to apply that effect. In some levels you can win extra effects, or create bonus balls that can apply extra effects and create chain reactions. If you can reach the goal within the constraint, being time, moves, etc. you win! If not, better luck next time. The game is tuned to be HARD, but you don't need to be lucky. Each level has an optimum strategy that may not be obvious at first, but as soon as you get it, you'll get it!

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Did you hear something...?


All new sounds have been added to the game! Each effect has had its janky, voice recorded 'sound effect' replaced with something much nicer.
Also, I've added sounds for navigating through the UI and when all of the balls spawn in. It's delightful.

I'm just about a week from full on play test mode, so it feels like things are wrapping up quite nicely.

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