Takes you back to the Forgotten Realms on a visually dazzling role-playing adventure, one that brings to life the grand tradition of AD&D through cutting edge art and technology.

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One of the most immersive experiences u're ever gonna have playing an rpg (be it a WRPG, A CRPG OR A JRPG). All the praise it got and keeps getting is totally deserved, and as a lot of people said before, easily the best AD&D-based game out there.

Amazing sense of high-adventure, incredibly tasteful worldbuilding and unprecedented tecnology (Tempus bless the Infinity Engine)make this one of the most amazingly and painstakingly detailed roleplaying adventures you're ever getting into.

And the ost. Man, the ost. We're talking an age before Howard Shore scored The Lord of the Rings, so the direct point of inspiration was undoubtably Conan The Barbarian score by Basil Poledouris, and it shows. A complete 10/10. Go play this masterpiece ASAP.

Baldur's Gate, a wonderful game with an involving storyline that keeps you engaged for many many many hours, strong characters with rich personalities, a personality which seems to have been lost through the generations of game development, In baldur's gate i wanted to find out more about my faithful companions (and complete all their backstories) small comedy moments provide a wonderful sense of Immersion (being to serious all the time is in no way real) I love this game and always will, thank you Bioware and Thank you MORE Black Isle!


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