Baby Blues is a horror game where the player is placed in the shoes of Tommy The Toddler. Tommy, as all the other children his age loves to play with toys, but the most beloved toys for Tommy are his teddies. The 3-year-old wakes up to a strange noise in the middle of the night with a bright dim light shining in his eyes. Realizing his beloved teddies are missing; He climbs down out of bed and start to look for them..

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I forgot to rate it. I give it a 9. I suffered more than playing any slenderman game. I almost **** on my pants. Great job (Y)

This game was simple yet fun. The jump scares ... oh those jump scares. You can see me play it here:

Actually a lot more scary than I thought it was going to be, nice work.

This game was so scary. I gotta say immediately I was very scared and worried about what was out there after leaving the room. The jumpscares were really well placed and timed. I also loved the environment old VHS tape feel to it, not sure if it was rendering or intentional but still really added to the atmosphere. Also the idea of being a vulnerable toddler really worked with the mechanics.

Well Done!!!


This is an amazing game with dark and haunting atmosphere. The graphics being nearly photorealisting help to set the mood. The film grain also helps on this regard. The teddy bears are somewhat difficult to find because everything is so dark, but this makes the game challenging.


Matryan says

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Baby Blues is a game with an exceptional atmosphere and tauntingly realistic graphics. However, the game fails to deliver a fear of turning the corner and rather gives the player the false feeling of anxiety while waiting for the next jump scare (which, sadly, become repetitive as they are the only actual "scares" in the game).


Tyler. says

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Amazing! Scary as hell! Keep up the great work!



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Finally a great work with FPSC engine. This is almost a professional work.


Awesome game and it's really creepy!


Great horror game!

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I forgot to rate it. I give it a 9. I suffered more than playing any slenderman game. I almost shit on my pants. Great job (Y)

Mar 25 2013 by bisheicarp