Brush up on your Salem basics, put on your amulets and get your pants ready to be scared off because Aterweald: Witch Hunt will take you on an adventure involving witches, mysteries, magic and more!

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JprogDev14 says

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It's hard to develop games, and it's even harder to develop your first game. It takes motivation, skill and knowledge to achieve it. Horror games is one of the most interested game genre's of this century, no matter if it's developed independently or in small to large group of developers.

But horror games is much more than just a monster hunting you or a game filled with jump scare's, it's the ambiance and settings that makes a horror game stand out and Aterweald: Witch Hunt is no exception. Aterweald: Witch Hunt is an indie game developed by Kaloyan Marinoff and this is also his first of many games to come.

As soon as you press 'New game' in the start menu, you already get the dreaded feeling of being watched and that same feeling sticks to you from the start to the end. You do expect something terrifying to happen to you but the only thing is, you don't know when it will happen and that's exactly the point I'm trying to state. Just the ambiance and settings of the game already gives that emotional feeling of being scared all through out the game.

Apart from the graphics and ambiance, the game contains a pretty solid gameplay mechanic containing simple movement options and an inventory system. I personally couldn't ask for more than that.

The game has a very simple story line that could very well be forged into a bigger story line if the developer decides to create sequels of the game. You play as a 'villager' trying to figure out what is going on in town but later finds out that there is much more darker events that unfolded.

Personally, I had a truly formidable experience with Aterweald. The game contains everything that a horror game should have. Even though it's only less than an hour long, I had a blast playing it and it definitely deserves your attention! The game deserves an excellent score of 10 out of 10!


Katiekuma says

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This is beyond amazing, everything is unexpected.
It's so refreshing to see a game that isn't trying to be something else.

You will be a fool not to try this!


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