As Connor, a son of a Native American woman and a British soldier, born into the Mohawk, you will eventually cross paths with the Assassins in your search for righteousness.

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A flawed gem, this game had me feeling cheated yet awed all at the same time. The Anvil Next engine is stunning, the setting is very well presented with the frontier and hunting being simply amazing, the music is, well, typical for an AC game, which means pretty legendary, oh and the parkour is now rather fantastic, although a lot more streamlined which can sometimes be a bad thing.

But! Yes there is a but. It is not the game it should be, the combat although evolved from the others, is still far to easy, I understand that Ubisoft wants to be able to give the feel of the raw power of an Assassin but I find that they go to far. This is a series that is fairly centered around stealth, the first AC explicitly so. However the combat dynamics make it possible to easily chop your way through hordes of enemy guards with out getting scratched. I am not against having the ability to be that badass but this almost goes to far. It just doesn't feel that rewarding anymore. If you can pull your minds back to the very first game in the franchise it was still possible to slice'n'dice your way through a couple of patrols, but it was certainly a lot more difficult to do so, and it also gave you quite a triumphant feel by the end of the fight. This is what I'd like to see more of.

Now I don't know about you but when I hear the name Assassin's Creed I think of a hooded vigilante taking down the bad guys with flair in an exotic location. (I know I know you're all going "here we go again on the whole American thing") But seriously guys, I was skeptical when the setting was announced, however was cured by Ubisoft's insistence that it's story was very evenhanded on both sides of the Revolutionary War. However once I had the game I really never got to see any of these claims come to real fruition, it still felt to me like I was a part of Justice League, protecting American citizens from the evil that be. Oorah. For me the setting crashed, and burned, horribly.


Kark-Jocke says

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"American Revolution"

After four editions of strictly the same game - with tweaks and developments along the way, of course - has Ubisoft given a fresh experience. A new start, if you want to say. Just like the pioneers who emigrated to America already in the 1600s was also promised. Gold and green forests.

In this game, you start with a new character named Connor, or Ratonhnhaké: ton, which Indian relatives call him. With a British father who have long since turned their backs against the family.

The game for the first time the ability to control a warship that one has the ability to upgrade, you have new places to climb as in trees. I was very fascinated that the year change in the game from summer to winter. And for the first time one can hunt for animals or being hunted by animals.

The positives of the game: Beautiful surroundings, fun naval combat, good fighting, diversity and variety.

The negative of the game: A lot of small errors, much time is spent on film sequences and loading, a bit dated.

So my full scores for this game is - 7 / Great game!

The game is almost... basic like today's standards. OK gameplay, good graphics, half the time it is fun.

Story/plot: 9/10
Delivery: 5/10
UI: 5/10
Immersion/gameplay: 4/10
Learning Curve: 8/10
AI: 9/10
Graphics: 10/10
Functionality: 8/10
Replayability: 4/10
Worth the buy? 4/10

So the whole scenery is very good, but the controls and the... fun factor is really... average. I like it though, matrix style and all, and all you need to do really is press the run button and you can do 50,000 stunts. But that's the thing, the run button is the right trigger. The fire button is... Y. The action button to click on things with your character is all the buttons and you have to guess the correct button or you stab someone or worse, horses.

The inventory system is terrible. You got to hold down the right button and while doing that, you got to use both the left and right control sticks to find what you want, equip it to your D-Pad, and then hold down X button to see what weapons you have equipped and try to remember where you put things because the UI is fricking missing.

... your character can survive 11 bullets of gunfire before he dies...

... if you are not too careful and in combat, you could kill dogs or civilians...

The tools option isn't really substandard either. You have to for example go into your inventory and unlock "item" on your D-Pad then press Y. It is not simplistic.

I am seeing bugs like a stall in user interface when you should kill someone but there is no tip that tells you what to press or when to press.

The ingame menu is messy and confusing. I can't get to what I want, and half of what it contains, I dunno what it does. oO

Finally the whole world interaction is quite bland. You can't really pick things up or find chests, you can't talk to anyone you want, intead, ... random characters that you are forced to talk to during missions.

For the pros, I like the design of the game, the ideas of the game, the story of the game, and the games in the game (even though instructions are confusing as ****). It does not qualify as a bad game, no not in my standards. It just has that stiff implemented feel of developers not knowing how to implement something good. They might have the skill for artistic creations and that... matrix style program, which is nice, but... damn, it is a shame they couldn't have implement the flow. Or at least my imagination is far more fancier and creative.

It is better than Assassins Creed I, though. At least you do not restart at x point having to travel from destination to destination; jumping around like an obnoxious troll. :)


it's a good game

Have it's "good news", but also, by that destroying the "better older news"...


SourHyperion1 says

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Assassin's Creed 3 returns the player to the shoes of Desmond Miles and his incredible family tree... In America.

Story: AC3's story did keep me interested, even though the sections played as Conner's Father were rather tedious and boring, and it had so much potential. I loved seeing people from America's history come to life and interact with our fictional hero. The story does, however, let you down several times. It builds up to these tense points such as the assault on Fort George and the assassination of Charles Lee, but they both don't meet that climax.I expected some big battle to the death with Conner's Father that made me question my motives, but no... You counter him a couple of times, he gets on top of you, you press X, he dies... Charles Lee? You chase him, he gets away. You find him in a bar? You both take a drink, and then Connor (their wounds make this look hilarious) sort of shuffles over and stabs Lee... What a let down.
Gameplay: Combat grew in possibilities and difficulty, but was still rather easy. It is still your basic, counter-kill and stab everyone. The addition of the attacks on the move also made running through a group of redcoats with your tomahawk ridiculously easy. The naval combat did surprise me, however. It is pretty good and comparable to, say, Sid Meier's Pirates.
Multiplayer: Not much has changed since Revelations and Brotherhood, really. It is the same old formula.
Graphics: This is a topic people disagree on. I've found the engine to be fantastic and excellent to sit in the frontier and stare. Other people, however, have said the engine is terrible. Assassin's Creed has never been known for brilliant graphics, but this engine is exceptional. Sure, it is no CryEngine 4, but it is brilliant.

Summary: The game's story is gripping, but lets the player down on occasion. The gameplay is brilliant, but still a bit too easy. The multiplayer is what you'd expect it to be and the Graphics are arguably exceptional.

The game seems to discourage rooftop jumping and parkour, the difficulty is really low. Soldiers just stare at you as you rip apart their buddies, you'd think they would be trained to use their guns.
The side missions are godawful boring. Rooftop assassinations, brawls, swordfighting, shooting, and using bows, everything feels clunky.

Even the parts that are supposed to excel like the big battles, are so restricted. You have to do them in a very particular way, so no running around freely and killing soldiers like the trailers made it seem.

Storyline is nothing to boast about. It's really sad to see such a great series find a new low. The developers took all the American historical events they could and sheohorned Collin into it so that he is the real hero. It feels so contrived. He even was right there at the signing of the national declaration of independence. A rather small yet important event... I mean Collin does not have to be directly involved with every part of the American Revolution, he can witness some of it but you don't need to come up with lame reasons for him to be the leading man for all of it.

The good parts of the game are the naval battles and the multiplayer. If you don't care about either than give this a miss.

good game. took me years to appreciate it. since i not so much into american history...


Notoriority level 3.
Jagers showed up.
Climbed up nearest building, air assassinated them.
Repeat the process.

I don't know what you guys think, but this was the best Assassin's Creed for me.


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A flawed gem, this game had me feeling cheated yet awed all at the same time. The Anvil Next engine is stunning, the setting is very well presented with the frontier and hunting being simply amazing, the music is, well, typical for an AC game, which means pretty legendary, oh and the parkour is now rather fantastic, although a lot more streamlined which can sometimes be a bad thing. But! Yes there is a but. It is not the game it should be, the combat although evolved from the others, is still far…

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