The game is a 3d shooter with the elements of the quest

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Absolutely gorgeous graphics and visual style. Fun gameplay too!


Very nice and well made game regardless of its bugs.

I especially loved the great feel of the guns but the chaingun is just a bit too powerful.

The performance may be troubling since other quality games made in Xash3D like Paranoia 2 run without hitches but it's not too bad.

Also the english translation is not completed yet so I don't have any idea of the story, which is quite funny.

I'll wait for a patch until then.

I gotta say, this is pretty clever

10 out of 10 graphics!


A very nice, beatyful game with awesome mapping and leveldesign! Great graphics and good atmosphere is providing nice game experience. Got great fun with the game. Thanks for great work!


Great job for one person. 9/10 because of minor gameplay/stability problems, but still the amazing re-imagination of Half-Life theme, and nice mix of Xash3D's & HLFX's features.

OK, so I played the game up to finding door #27 (I think). You know, code 777. Anyway, although yes there is "some" English incorporated, the size of the base and the running around you have to do I decided I'll leave it alone until a more thorough English translation is incorporated. I decided to keep the Zip file and the English titles on a USB storage for later use.

When going to uninstall Area51 I was given the not-very-pleasant surprise that it does not show up on the Uninstall option. It also does not show up on IObit nor Revo uninstallers! This is not good. What are they hiding? I dumped everything associated with the game. I even looked through the Registry and could find no mention of Area51... Am I being paranoid? Maybe, but this is unacceptable in this day and age. Yes, it's a beautifully rendered game but the "secret" install is B.S...


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отличная игруха)) квест с ключами не оч ) АТк нормас


По стилистике смесь ХЛ1 и Дум3. Красивая графика HLFX и забористый геймплей в комплекте.


Отличная демонстрация возможностей движка Xash3D.

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