A.R.C.S. is a new twist on the traditional and popular castle defense genre. A.R.C.S builds upon classic castle defense gameplay, with increased depth of gameplay and use of player skill via its soft vs hard target system, and innovative multi-kill system. This is a deluxe version of A.R.C.S which features improvements over our free web version. These enhancements include true standalone support, being ad and branding free, additional control options, and fullscreen support. Features: -20 unique enemy types, from ranged fighters and close combat units, to rocket launching tanks and flying bombers. -Epic Boss Fights! -Exhaustive shop system with over 40 optional purchases and upgrades, creating multiple approaches to play, and creating replay value. -20 levels of intense shooting action. -Multiple difficulty levels. -Gorgeous 16 bit retro pixel art visuals. -Custom Chiptunes sound track.

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Nice game , but a bit short , and no aliens , just robot enemy .

Really fun game but a bit too short, but I only did normal need to try hard.

A.R.C.S is a cool castle defense style game with a great pixel art style and a cool soundtrack. It's a bit repetitive, but I like the in-between upgrading shop and the bosses are pretty awesome.

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The things that stopped me giving this game either a 9 or 10 rating are...

1. The story mode is far too short.
2. Lack of replayability.

Once you've completed it, that's pretty much it. They could have added a "sandbox" or "skirmish mode". Apart from those two little things, this is a good game that does the 16-bit pixel art style well.


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