Take care of a colony of space ants, while expanding your station and dealing with threats. The gameplay is in the direction of Dwarf Fortress in the setting of Space Station 13. The game features 2D graphics but 3D gameplay. There's detailed engineering for electricity, atmospherics, liquids and plasma. You'll need to serve the needs of your ants, which have ant-like biology, while protecting them from dangers, keep your production chain running and perform scientific research, all while constructing your space station.

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How upgrade to latest verison? (Games : Antstation : Forum : Game discussion : How upgrade to latest verison?) Locked
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Oct 13 2013 Anchor

hey i am wondering how i uprgade the antstation? - i had old verison but its can't be uprgaded to latest version because install stops because there is already antstation on other location in computer

Oct 14 2013 Anchor

Hey :)

Read the instructions carefully.
Which method are you trying?
The first link allows you to unrar it anywhere you want and doesn't need installing.
The second link contains an installer in the rar which should install over the earlier installation.

If it still doesn't work, tell me what you're trying and I'll try help fixing it.

Oct 14 2013 Anchor

thanks antstation - the first one was very easy since the second link didn't let me to install in same installastion that was for previous demo

Oct 14 2013 Anchor

No problem! Happy it works. :) Didn't know for sure myself.

As always, feedback welcome.

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