Nin Corp is working on a project called A'N'B'U' It combines the old Ninja age with the modern world' It is inspired by the Anime Naruto but isnt a Naruto game' You can create your own Ninja out of many different fragments e'g' Hair, Tatoo, Body Size etc' After you created your own character you will be able to join "lounge" It wont be a 2d chat room, the so called "lounge" will be a 3d ANBU Town, where you can buy hp pills, weaps, suits etc' You can create a party and go into the Town Center to start a co-op mission, or you go into the Arena to join a Deathmatch, Capture the Flag etc' server' The higher your rank, the more and better weaps you will get' The weaps you use are Granades mixed with Katana and your inner Chakra ( equivalent to mana' ) You have to form Handseals to use your Chakra'


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