Step into the dark world of American McGee's twisted retelling of Alice in Wonderland.

returpack says

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One of the best games ever made.
A dark, brutal and twisted tale, that is supposed to be a sequel to the Lewis Carrol story.

Somehow, Alice's mental health problems have destroyed her beloved wonderland, by allowing the Queen of Hearts to take control of it.
You control Alice, and your mission is to restore the peace.

The design of the levels and characters is just amazing.

There are many cool bosses, and some fun platforming.

The controls are extremely smooth. The only time you might have problems is when you want to jump to a small platform. It's easy to slide a bit after landing, resulting in an embarrassing death.
The camera can also be a little bit tricky when swimming.

A later part of the game contains one of the most frustrating video game levels I've ever come across (I hate fish), but I feel I can't lower the score because of that.

Time for another playthrough!

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