Step into the dark world of American McGee's twisted retelling of Alice in Wonderland.

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If you come to this game with expectations of modern AAA graphics and soaring set-pieces then this is not the game for you.
What American McGee (yes, that's his birthname) and team have done is taken the well known and loved story of Lewis Carroll's creation and given it a wholly unpleasant bent.
Gone are the Disney niceties, no gourdy colour and sing-a-long, this wonderland is the manifestation of a broken girl whose mind has closed from the world after the death of her parents in a housefire.
This is a wonderland of egos and ids, turmoil and personal tumult, a heady analogy of psychiatric repression and self-loathing.
Alice must find a way to restore wonderland to its former glory by facing and besting deamons, built in her mind, to house her guilt and remorse.
Gameplay is simple enough and graphics now look extremely dated but it is in the depth of narrative and re-imagination of a classic tale.
Characters you may have thought you knew are cast in a completely different light as the broken pieces of Alice's psyche attempting to lead her to success against the venomous 'Red Queen'.

Although clearly dated the visuals are lush and well crafted, giving each area of the beautifully rendered map a interesting and unique feel. AI ranges heavily as does the could-be-staid platform elements, all given life by the environments and setting created by McGee.
Beyond this something notable to look out for is the wonderfully macabre score. Chris Vrenna (formerly of Nine inch nails fame) has overlaid the world of AM's Alice with a bizarre and often intentionally jarring sheet of creepy music boxes and choirs worthy of a listen outside of the game.

As with the game itself everything you thought to be cute and nice as a child has been distorted to a nightmare-ish level in this new wonderland.
Play it for the story and the interpretation and remember a time when these things were important to gaming.


This game shows, that main thing about graphics isnt its superiority, but its style.

really good i love it Mcgee did a good job

As with the Jedi Knight games, Quake Arena's engine shows both its benefits and its many weaknesses. This game is far more gothic than its sequel (for the most part anyway)


Very fantasy!

One of the BEST!!! Wait for remaster since 2008.


Nice improvement from the original HD edition.
Level selector is a nice addition. If you play in 4k a must have.


One of the best games ever made.
A dark, brutal and twisted tale, that is supposed to be a sequel to the Lewis Carrol story.

Somehow, Alice's mental health problems have destroyed her beloved wonderland, by allowing the Queen of Hearts to take control of it.
You control Alice, and your mission is to restore the peace.

The design of the levels and characters is just amazing.

There are many cool bosses, and some fun platforming.

The controls are extremely smooth. The only time you might have problems is when you want to jump to a small platform. It's easy to slide a bit after landing, resulting in an embarrassing death.
The camera can also be a little bit tricky when swimming.

A later part of the game contains one of the most frustrating video game levels I've ever come across (I hate fish), but I feel I can't lower the score because of that.

Time for another playthrough!


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