The dawn of modern times tore America apart... in the arduous wars and battles of the 19th century a great nation began to develop. Mexico and Texas, North and South fought hard and embittered for domination. This stand-alone expansion offers nine historically inspired campaigns that span the American Civil War the Texas War for Independence and the Battle of New Orleans.

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American conquest Divided nations has been, with little doubt, probably the best game I ever played in my life (along with the whole AC series), starting in early 2010, this game just has an essence, an aura that does'n get old, it's unique, the way the 3d models work, it's basically a 3d game made into 2D, this is a very repetitive game and traditional but every now and then you discover something new, I play all the mods out there for this game along with my community and it still has'n got old, I mean honestly, I have played lots of REALLY good games, but a while later I just got bored, this is the only game in my life that I kept playing after all those years, it does'n get old, it never does, you will find yourself eventually emotionally attached with the game, all those countless battles in the past, you remember the really large or famous ones, all those soldiers who died, you feel like a real general, every soldier in the field is an individual with a mind, sense, fear of death, fear for life, will act independently as he sees fit, either run, go to base, fight back, every man has a soul, every soldier is an individual, Morale is probably one of the best aspects about this game

I wish I could write alot more about this game but I only have time for this, I will never not recommend this game, it is one of the kind, nothing like it will ever come out, 2020 will probably come and I still play it, I love the AC series, I would only imagine what I would do if a new AC sequel came out.


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