"What will you see when you are dead?"


Last night, I woke up without being able to remember what had happened to me, as if I had just been born yesterday. But no one could also prove that "the past" is real. It's possible that I just "existed" now, and my memories were just fabricated.

This is me right now, lost, confused, and don't know where to go. Maybe I was just being born last night, but somehow, "my past" still haunted me. I can't remember it, but they said I am the one responsible who dropped the helicopter.

Fuck! If only I could remember something. I can't even remember my own name. But why?! Even though I can't remember my own name, but I can remember the one who made me like this?!

It's not only that....I'm not even sure if I'm a human being. Not after what happened today. I can stop the rain. No, it's not like I can change rain to sunny weather...I make thousand droplets of rain stop falling, hanging it in the air like defying the gravitation around me.

.... Far from the bottom of my heart, I'm sure that I have to end all of this.

My name is --------------, let me tell you my story.


This visual novel adapted from light novel with the same title. There are 6 chapters in total. Additional chapter will be added into the future and the final product will be released in Q4 2020.


  • Format : Kinetic Novel
  • Genre : Action, psychological, sci-fi
  • Length : 10k words/chapter, total 60k words (about 6 hours of reading)
  • Language : English, Russian (partial)
  • Platform : PC (Windows, Mac, Linux) and Android (4.4 and up)


  • Original story : fsc
  • VN Adaptation : TNR
  • Proofreader: varies per chapter basis
  • Russian translator: Blinded by Justice
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Hello there everyone! Are you excited for the full release?

Finally after 2 years of development, ALLBLACK Phase 1 has been released on Steam! It's been a long journey and the development has been put in hold for about 1 year (initially was planned to release on Q1/Q2 2020) but what matters is we finally deliver!

This full release contains:

  1. 60.000 words, around 4-6 hours reading
  2. 8 achievements (Steam only)
  3. Bonus contents such as original illustration from light novel
  4. 2 languages available (can switch halfway): English and Russian
  5. Can be played on Windows, Mac and Linux

promotional poster

ALLBLACK Phase 1 contains 6 chapters which is essentially the same as the original novel. The novel itself are planned to have 24 chapters, divided into 4 volumes, so each volume will covers 6 chapters. Currently the script has reached chapter 16. If anything goes well, Phase 3 will be completed next year! (2021)


Yeah, so after ALLBLACK Phase 1 has been released, so what's next? Depending on the reception of Phase 1, I might open crowdfunding campaign to help us make the continuation. But if that's not feasible, I will still continue to make Phase 2 happen, only within my capability. It means slower progress and lower production value (probably still the same as Phase 1). ALLBLACK is our passion project so we won't release it for money, but I really appreciate any financial support through my Paypal. Even 1 or 2 USD counts! ;)

In the meantime, there are some volunteers who are willing to translate ALLBLACK Phase 1 into another language, so I will work on that. Currently the planned localization will be on Spanish and Brazillian Portuguese. The original author will work on Japanese too so let's see the progress :) If you're interested to translate it to your native language feel free to email me at tiya.novlita@gmail.com or contact me through discord: MadScientist#4886


Drowning in desperation

Anyway, if you want to see Theodore's adventure to find his identity in Phase 1, let's get straight out and install the game! It's totally free, but I might add some DLCs in the future.

Join Us in Developer Q&A Live Chat!

Join Us in Developer Q&A Live Chat!


Developer Q&A Live Chat @discord. Sunday 11 Oct 2020 at 9:00 AM GMT+7.

ALLBLACK Phase 1 Now on Steam

ALLBLACK Phase 1 Now on Steam


ALLBLACK Phase 1 is now on Steam store page. Check out gameplay trailer, screenshots, description and more.

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ALLBLACKPhase1 (Steam version)

ALLBLACKPhase1 (Steam version)

Full Version

For Windows, Mac, Linux. Stable release. English and Russian. Consists of 6 chapters and 8 achievements (Steam only). Bonus contents (2 CGs from concept...

ALLBLACK Phase1 (Ver 1.3)

ALLBLACK Phase1 (Ver 1.3)


This demo covers chapter 1-3. Additional chapter will be added into the future. The complete release is scheduled on Q4 2020

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