Do you like old school deathmatch with modern features but none of the frills that have ruined the raw purity of the genre? How about rich, colorful, arcadelike atmospheres? How about...retro Sci Fi? Then you're going to love what Alien Arena has in store for you! This game combines some of the very best aspects of classic deathmatch, and wraps them up with a retro alien theme, while adding tons of original ideas to make the game quite unique. Alien Arena is a furious frag fest with arenas ranging from the small, to the massive. With game modes such as Capture The Flag and Tactical, there are terrific team-based experiences to be had as well as 1v1 duels, free-for-all, and dozens of mutators to alter the game play to your liking. The community is friendly, as well as prolific. Dozens of maps, models, and various accessories have been created by community members to add on to the game experience.

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Alien Arena Reloaded (7.60) for Linux and Linux64 stratokaztr stratokaztr - read

Aug 3 2012

Linux version 7.53 stratokaztr stratokaztr - read

Apr 1 2012

General Protektor Silverfox055 - read

Feb 11 2012


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