Akaneiro: Demon Hunters transports you to a word realized in a striking visual style inspired by Japanese ink, watercolor and wood-block illustration. We’ve dug deep into the history and folklore of Japan when designing our scenarios and characters. Mixing this foundation with an original mythology inspired by Red Riding Hood has yielded a fantastic and inspiring setting for players to explore. Akeneiro provides players with a free-to-play ARPG of depth, blended seamlessly with the speed and intensity of a pure action title. Combat is fast and unrelenting, but you can sway the tide with careful selection of abilities and equipment. A multitude of character building paths are available, though we’ve avoided being overly proscriptive, ensuring you can find the best balance of abilities and equipment for your personal play style. The game world is separated in to Regions, which represent a quadrant of Yomi Island. Each Region contains several Areas, each presenting a different environ

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The game client does not update. Had to download the client from the website to play the game. That is disappointing. If the game is going to be on a client like Desura it needs to kept updated as frequently as your website.


Dull and uninteresting, this is just an uninspired Diablo-like slog that gives the player no incentive to play. The Feudal Japan aesthetic feels tacked-on. I played 45 minutes, decided it was boring, then uninstalled it. I've played several Diablo style games in the past, this was by far the worst one. As far as the plot, it was just "go take jobs to kill monsters over and over," with no indication that this would change since the town was pretty much just a game hub full of vendors.

Also, having ads on the loading screen feels crass. I've never seen a F2P game resort to doing that before; I assume this stems from an inability to generate revenue via game cash sales. Maybe if the items available at the start weren't so lackluster, people would keep playing to the endgame (which I doubt has anything of further interest). If this ever turns into a worthwhile game I might come back and play, but right now things don't look good for it.


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"ok" game for people who like mmo type games.

Because can not play


Nice as for free, but not really addictive for me

they seem to have forsaken desura users as the game gives you a choice to redirect to steam after you register an account on their web site. On steam you must pay. It is incorrect of them to advertise this game as free. Did not get a chance to play at all


interesting story

tis is compleat **** i cat even play the game thats comepleat ******** saying i dont have the right client why even have the game free to begain with take if off if you not going to keep the game up to date

Its not working.


This game is p2w. You have to pay real money at a certain point to continue.

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