A decade after the best-selling Airline Tycoon comes the long awaited sequel to the legendary tongue-in-cheek economic simulation that puts players in the role of CEO of an international airline! Airline Tycoon 2 will challenge players to run a modern airline, design unique airplanes and grow a run-down carrier into a globally recognized company that passengers practically beg to fly. Airports worldwide are waiting to be explored, but beware– your rivals never rest! Crafty opponents are also working to dominate the skies... and they won’t let anything stand in the way of their goals!

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TotallySnappy says

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Judging from the demo:

The engine has potential, the customer area of the airport is a good showcase of this. The problem is that's pretty much the only visually appealing part of the game, the player and management offices are cluttered and are difficult to navigate, the same applies to the GUI of timetable and aircraft management.

When compared to Airline Tycoon 1, the developers just seemed to cut so many corners art wise, a good example of this is not including a visible exterior,hangar or anything to add depth to the environment.

The character design seems confused, I can tell what the devs were aiming for but it just came off looking a little too "in your face", not to mention that the lack of necks just feels weird and out of place.

The dialogue is slow, poorly thrown together and the actors didn't keep to a script or a character.

Airport navigation in general is painstakingly slow and difficult.

In short, stick to Airline Tycoon 1, it's pretty much exactly the same in terms of gameplay and feels much more natural and user friendly. Again, this is just a review based on official videos, a German let's play series on youtube and my experience of the demo.

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