Air Control is a new-gen aviasimulator. Speaking about the design and all-new spaces of the our airplane simulator , we can say that it gives you more freedom and realism ,you have ever seen in such kind of games before. At first we worked at airplane's compartment.The result we have now, is so near to the real life . Working at the simulation and flights , we wanted to give players more in-flight adventures, and that is why we decided to expand horizons of gameplay. You will have to play inside,and outside the airplane. While playing as a pilot,and blasting off the ground the airplane you will have to play as a 3rd person camera and while being in the flight, you will have an ability to play as a stewardess or just to get out of the cabin and walk a little-bit. While making a walk or serving passengers, you can see the airplane inside in every smallest detail : starting from the tvs over each seat,and ending with toilets or a kitchen. Also before the flight, you will play a

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Good. I had to rethink my entire life after playing this game. It was beyond what words can describe. Very abstract. Must've had some hard work put into it.

If this game was free, it wouldn't be worth playing.


Annihitor_the_Incred says

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MagniVicence beyond human conception, exemplied in the Game.



This isn't game. This is CTRL+C and CTRL+V evening work which is unstable and not even funny. People, stay away from it! They will have to pay you to play it...

Scam. 'Nuff said.

Absolute rubbish.


terring says

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Just watch this review to see why this game is horrible

Game of the year 2017


Great for an alpha.

Good game but needs more features and such

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