- Fight in turn-based multiplayer battles up to 9v9 with the old school graphics you've been missing! - Enter battle as a Warrior, Mage, Rogue, or Healer of either gender, and use a card to transform into any of 16 characters, combining their stats and abilties with your class's! - Elemental properties for every character; collect gems that let you choose yours, and cast its magic! - Gain Charge during battle to do more damage, boost specific stats, and more-- or just save your turns for later and pummel an enemy all at once! - A rockingly awesome soundtrack! - Journey through eight intense Trials to gain cards and gems for use in the Arena! - Enjoy the 2-player tactical-RPG-style Card Game-- a great additional game on its own, it lets you earn cards and gems too! - Site includes a webcomic, updated weekly, featuring the eight Paladins from the game! - During this early (growth) period, we're letting buyers easily give FREE copies to friends! - Custom-made character option to come!

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Limejello says

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Quite tactical, not quite what I expected. I have yet to experience 9v9 battles due to shortage of players, but what I have played thus far has been quite fun. The battle system allows players to switch classes and elements before each arena fight, and even transform into one of many characters from the card game. Each class and transform has a unique ability which stacks with your main classes abilities. Ex: A rogue's special can still be used when transformed.
By playing the card game, you can unlock elemental crystals and character cards to use in the arena. another alternative is to do trials to gain a random card and elemental crystal. After gaining the cards and crystals they remain permanent to use, until you trade or give them away.
Overall the game is is fun to play but the servers are very quiet right now.


Rickx says

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a fun game, i hope more players will join the arena :D


Interesting game...great developers.


Played this game today and it was really cool. Different than what I'm used to, but I loved it. The graphics and the fighting styles are completely unique. I recommend it.

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if you run this file it tries to install another file on your computer, yea i dont think so m8, i would avoid



the story sucks ****


TheJayOfSpade says

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Don't be an idiot. Don't buy this game.


Samupo says

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