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Jun 28 2019 Anchor

So let me tell you a little backstory about this console. Around six months ago it gave me The E105 error so I changed my hard drives and it was fine for a couple of weeks but it started giving me the error again that I found out that it can be fixed with a quick restart. But today I started the Xbox and it gave me the E106 error. I tried to reset my Xbox to factory but nothing so I got on the Xbox support website and it said I can reset it with a flash drive so I downloaded the file but now the Xbox doesn’t bring anything. It just turns on and nothing. Any one knows what can I do?

Feb 14 2020 Anchor

Xbox One S is for the Social Gamer. Xbox One S , has generally more social apps and features, it has more exclusive racers and shooters than PlayStation I’ve heard, and I hate to admit it, but comparing Xbox Live to PSN, Xbox Live wins in most categories like Speed, Security, and Reliability and something like that, PSN is however better in faster matchmaking.

Feb 14 2020 Anchor

To resolve this issue, use the Xbox One startup troubleshooter:
Access the Xbox One Startup Troubleshooter.
Scroll down and select E106.
Follow the instructions in the troubleshooter.


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Mar 28 2020 Anchor

How do I connect my keyboard with Xbox? I read somewhere that Microsoft is bringing the Keyboard support for Xbox games. If true, this could help me play Fifa and aiming game. I already have bought the Xbox chairs for gaming and just need a keyboard.

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