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Feb 8 2020 Anchor

Hello there!

I would like to introduce myself, I'm Dan, head of Warlines Studios, who have recently released a World War 2 First Person Shooter called WWII Operations: Desert Front!

Download WWII Operations: Desert Front here!

We took a lot of inspiration from 2000s classics like Medal of Honor and Call of Duty, and started working back in 2019. Desert Front is a prequel to OSS: WW2 Operations, another game we developed back in 2018. This game lets you play as Sergeant James Andrew Hawkins before he joined the OSS.

It takes place during Operation Torch in 1942, Sergeant Hawkins along with his company is sent to Rabat to take it back from Fascist hands. Start from the shores of Morocco to secret German-occupied towns/bases. Nothing like an old-school WW2 game!

Start Your Patrol In An Enemy-Occupied Village

Take out enemies before they get you in their sights

What are you waiting for? Hop in and have some fun with the old-school team! (For Free!)

P/S: Trailer's Coming!

- Dan, Warlines Studios :D

Feb 10 2020 Anchor

Reminds me so much of the old school CODs, which I adored!

Will definitely be checking this out, thank you for sharing :D

Feb 12 2020 Anchor

Thanks for checking the game out!

In later updates we will also be adding new missions, including the Invasion of Morocco on November 8th, 1942.

Invasion on November 8th, 1942

Feb 12 2020 Anchor

No worries! I featured it in our headlines section and across our social channels this week -

Feb 12 2020 Anchor

Thank you so much! I can't express how much I appreciate this!

The release trailer is also out a few minutes ago: WWII Operations: Desert Front Trailer

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