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Jun 2 2013 Anchor

I am 15. I live in Georgia, in the United States, near Atlanta. I have excellent ideas, and an over achieving imagination. I have always wanted to be a video game designer, and I thought I would start with writing and designing concept art for video games. I found Indie DB and I knew it would be a start.
What I'm looking for.
1. An MMO, a promising MMO development team, and a promising MMO idea.
2. PAY, depending on the job, current funds, dedication needed, and my current wants, I will only take paid positions!(Though not too much pay, I'm only 15, don't give thousands and thousands of dollars to a teenager, EVER! :D )(I'm looking a few hundred dollars for the length of the project, then a cut and credit in of the final product revenue)
3. I'm looking for support, definite ideas, and a dedicated support team to back me up.
If you need a writer and/or a concept artist for your MMO, email me at
Thanks! Looking forward to working with you!

Jun 2 2013 Anchor


Jun 4 2013 Anchor

I can't cover everything in one comment, but I just thought I would respond to offer up some advice.

Instead of telling us you have excellent ideas, show us. I can respect the fact that you're young and you want to get into video games, if you want to be taken seriously then you need to present yourself a little bit better.

You're only 15, now is a great time to spend educating yourself and figuring out what exactly it is you would like to do. Don't get too caught up with the money, do what you like for the love of it. The money will come in time if you dedicate yourself and work hard.

I do not do game design or artwork, I am a sound designer and a composer mainly. So the resources I can offer you in that department are limited, I also don't know what level of understanding or experience you have beyond just the general interest in game design. A good place to start might be here though, There is a section on game design there that provides you with some software and tutorials.

Take care and best of luck!

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