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Jun 28 2013 Anchor

Hello everyone!
I am in the process of putting a team together for my own game some time in the future (link here It is going to take quite a bit of time to do so and get everything set up, development will probably only begin sometime next year. Until that time I am free to work on another game project. I have experience writing for games (I have worked on two unannounced projects which I am under NDA for), one being a survival horror game and the other a planet simulation game. I have been writing for the past 9 years, various stories and genres all in the interest of improving my overall literary skills. I have experience writing screenplays as well. If you would like any writing samples, feel free to contact me. Here is an example of something I wrote just for fun. I can work in pretty much all genres. Contact me at

Sort of a zombie apocalypse thing (really enjoying zombie games lately, wanted to play around with the genre):
No matter the strength of humanity, how terrifying or great we may think ourselves to be, it is nature that is truly powerful and it is nature that will bring humanity down to its knees. There we shall remain, staring up at the revelation of our destruction, the impending doom descending upon us. Our faces cold, the blood long since drained away with fear. The end of an era brings many changes to the balance of life. Humanity may no longer find itself in control of the world. In some cases, we may no longer have control over ourselves, we become husks that feed off of basic instinct and disregard that which society once expected of us. Was this always destined to be our end? Just as the great civilization of Rome came to fall, was ours doomed to share its fate? I know not how many of us are left in this world. When society collapses and civilization turns to chaos, survival is all that remains.

You start off feeling kind of sorry for yourself; that you did not catch the same disease that killed off most of the population. It is only once you see what they become that you begin to be thankful for your continued health. Where did I come from? Well that doesn't matter anymore. But just to add a bit of nostalgia for the old days, I grew up in Chicago. City got hit hard. I bet you have never seen a friendly bus driver tear apart a group of passengers before. I bet you have never had to break a window and use the glass to stab a friend in the head. Chaos really does tear the world apart. It makes you lose yourself and forces you to adapt to a new world. Nothing really prepares you for the apocalypse. All the literature, all the media, hell even the warnings don't seem to have an effect on people. Yet here we are.... here I am. Survivors. Killers. Alone.

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