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May 25 2014 Anchor

Hello everyone, I am Luca
Morini, an italian Ph.D. Student in education and communication on a quest for the Holy Grail of community based game design, or "world
making", as I like to call it quoting good old Neil Postman. Well, after wandering quite a bit within and without the web, I was
able to assemble this (most assuredly incomplete) "Master List of Lists" of resources, both community generated and simply
free, to share with you all, in the hopes that you will find it useful and helpful.

I'm posting this almost everywhere in game related communities, especially those that have a specific forum for game
design. The first thing I learned while doing this kind of research is indeed that it's impossible to create something new alone, as this is a puny
list that sorely needs the care and participation of the true experts, you, to become something more: a resource for everyone who
wants to embark in the adventure, science and art that is building playful spaces. I am therefore setting up both a wiki
, to allow for inter-site discussion, and a blog , to better illustrate my motives and to tell the epic tales around these cooperative efforts, which I
hope you will find worthy and interesting.

So here it comes, THE MASTER LIST OF LISTS. Hope you will enjoy it.


The Designer's Resource List

Game Designer's Resource Thread

How to Design Games? No Really

A Collection of Interesting Game Design Materials

Game Design Resources

Game Design Links

Hobbyists, How Do You Make It Happen?


A Brief Crash Course on Game Design

Game Design and Self Publishing

The Designer's Workshop


Indie Resources

Top 50 Best Game Design Blogs

Learn Game Design

Board Game Mechanic Glossary

Participatory Game Design Atlas (recursion FTW!)


Design Patterns of Succesful Role Playing Games

1001 Game Ideas

May 29 2014 Anchor

Storm the Castle <----- one of my favourites

Rink works Game making
Game dev Coding stuff mostly
map Generation tool #1

map Generation tool #2

map Generation tool #3
map Generation tool #4
map tool # 5
map Generation tool #6
map Generation tool# 7
map Generation tool #8
map Generation tool # 9
map Generation tool # 10
Story Generation tool
map Generation tool #12
map Generation tool# 13
map Generation tool #14
map Generation tool # 15

Font image editor
Game writing Story based
Game ideas Continued


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Jun 2 2014 Anchor

Thank you for the contributions The_splat, I'll take a bit of time to read through them and I'll integrate them within the list! However, the bigger it becomes the more it needs to be better organized...If you people have any idea, please share, I'm here to help but I need you help to do it well :)!

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