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Dec 9 2018 Anchor

Loyal Online is an HTML5 experiment to create an action-based RubyOnRails multiplayer gaming engine. While it's still very much a work in progress, (Mostly a wireframe) I'll be updating it as I receive feedback from testers.

It can be found at under "Loyal Test".

After some more testing, I'll be posting the code to my Github under RAGE(Rails Action Gaming Engine) and Rails MMO. The goal is to create a framework that will allow content creators to make web-based online games that look and feel like something from an app-store rather than running in the browser, complete with database and multiplayer networking built in.

Please feel free to reply with any constructive feedback; please keep in mind that the testing game is VERY early in it's development, since the bulk of the work so far has gone into the backend setting up the multiplayer networking and database integration.

This Week's To Do List:

Switch from ActionCable to AnyCable to improve performance under large player loads
More character class development
More maps (So far it's one testing dungeon)
More Enemies
Towns and shops
More sounds
Debugging Audio for more compatibility on mobile devices

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