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Nov 7 2016 Anchor

Hey there!

A few short weeks ago, I've decided to finally take up a new project. After years of modding and programming games, I've decided that it is time for me to actually focus on playing games instead of just spending hours on end looking at code. As a result, I've started a YouTube channel - for fun, because it's been something I've been wanting to do, not for publicity.

Anyways, I've finished my first games and my first longer game series, and I've decided that since I've been involved in the Indie gaming scene for such a long time, I will put focus on Indie games to help them get publicity as much as I can.

On my channel, I focus on Horror games, so I'll most likely try to play as many indie horror games as I can. However, I'll add games of other genres just as well.

If I play your game, I will play through it with vocal commentary and optionally, facecam. When I've completed your game, I will rate and review it on ModDB/IndieDB and Steam, and if you request it, on any other serious site your game is listed on.

If you're the creator of a mod, and you'd like someone to play through it, feel free to let me know about your mod, and I will play it if I own the base game. If it's a mod for a game that is already on my channel, I will definitely play it.

The reason I'm posting about this option here is not to gain publicity for my channel, but to let developers know about the opportunity of having their game/mod let's played by someone. As a developer myself, I remember too well how much I was looking for any chance to gain some publicity. There is an endless amount of games and mods listed on ModDB/IndieDB, so without a little pointer at a game, it's sometimes difficult to identify it as one I should play.

If you are a developer of a game or mod and you'd like for me to play it, just pass me a PM here or comment on this thread and I'll take a look at it. If it's a game that requires purchase, you might need to wait a little longer until I'm able to buy it but I'll definitely keep every suggested game in mind - and on a list since my mind is fallible.

If you're interested in seeing how I play, what I sound like and whether I'm worthy of putting your game/mod on my channel, you can follow this link to my YouTube channel and take a look.

Thank you in advance for any suggestions :) Best regards!


Dec 28 2016 Anchor

Good luck with your channel! I've watched some of the videos and I enjoyed them!

Mar 17 2017 Anchor

I'm still active! Here's my latest series on the channel. I've received no requests so far for any let's plays on any games but I'm still waiting :)

Layers of Fear: Inheritance:


A just-for-fun side let's play:

Mar 18 2017 Anchor

Glad to know you're still active

For let's play request, here are two games I've made for two different jams for you to play:



Mar 21 2017 Anchor

Not sure if you're open to strategy games, but I developed a multiplayer browser game that plays great at 1080p. You'll have to bring along a friend or two (or seven), but it could be a lot of fun to upload a few games of Firmament Wars. It's a multiplayer strategy game similar to Risk, but with a faster pace. A typical game lasts around 10-20 minutes. Pretty good for the YouTube format. It's free to play, and I can unlock the complete game for you if you sign up for an account. Just let me know your account name and I can unlock it.

Mar 25 2017 Anchor
DarkBloodbane wrote:

Glad to know you're still active

For let's play request, here are two games I've made for two different jams for you to play:

I've given these games a try tonight. For both I could not figure out how to properly control them. I sat there for about 10 minutes trying to even figure out how to make the first one move at all, then I tried Rainbow and got stuck because it disabled shooting after like 5 minutes in the game.

I'll give these a try again provided you can explain to me how I can work the games properly.

Mar 26 2017 Anchor

Strange, did you read controls.txt included with the pack?

Apr 9 2017 Anchor

Got it working.

Since the last post there have been a lot of request so I'm still working through all of them! I'll message everyone once their requests are uploaded :) Upon completion of your games I'll review them on Steam and/or IndieDB.

Still taking requests for other games and mods though if you're interested in seeing your creation on the channel

Apr 19 2017 Anchor

New cheat for the game

May 31 2017 Anchor

I tried both of the games and found it very interesting one to play.

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