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Sep 19 2017 Anchor

"Wav Maniacs label was created in 2016 by DABRO Music team. We love sound design and music production and our goal is to produce top notch content for Video Games and Movies."

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We represent music label named Wav Maniaсs and offer you royalty free music of excellent quality which you can buy at really low rates or just offer your own price.
Listen to our tracks Soundcloud

Buy: Official site, Unreal Engine, Unity 3D, Cry Engine

If you have any questions please contact us.

Some of our music:

Our Artists:

nais cover1 559x559 Nais: Spotify, Apple Music

Despite starting his career as a DNB producer Nais became a multi-genre musician. His music and sample libraries got positive feedback from such artists and magazines like Noisia and Computer Music. He is able to create daily and nightly because he has infinite hunger of hard sounds and inspiration.

Seldome Logo fx1 900 559x559 Seldome: Spotify, Apple Music

Seldome has over 20 years of experience in music production, sound design, mixing and mastering. He also has been playing video games more than 25 years. His philosophy is to simplify the process of using the music in your video games and film projects.

kurmax cover1 559x559 Kurmax: Spotify, Apple Music

Kurmax is a one man orchestra. He has exceptional multi-instrument abilities to record saxophone and acoustic guitar and then add bass or electric midi-guitar to the final song. He can easily create these catchy melodies, that will stick in your mind for a long time. His productions differ from others because of live instruments and beautiful melodies.

TTP 1000x1000 fx 559x559 The Third Plan: Spotify, Apple Music

The Third Plan is a collaborative project for musicians and producers who want to experiment with new genres and make sound discoveries. This project can be broad and combine imagination and talent of several people or be individual and translate the emotions of the moment.

myoss 600x600 fx 559x559 myoss: Spotify

Myoss is a very calm and organized person. He likes experimenting with different approaches in music production and sound design in such genres like ambient, electronica and IDM. His sound can be described as melancholic and high-tech at the same time.

Darkwork01 cover 559x559 Darkwork: Spotify

Darkwork started with Hip-hop and was passionate about it, but later he discovered new genres. At the moment he is inspired by mixing different styles and conceptions of music which leads to great experiments. His main goal is to create wonderful contemporary music.

Shatadi1 fx 559x559 Shatadi: Spotify

Shatadi takes his listeners on a mysterious journey to the world of sound design. He gets incredible results from experimenting with the different types of synthesis, thanks to his 9-year experience. His natural power is to create mainstream sounds and SFX.

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