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Mar 9 2017 Anchor

kongregate monthly awards

From article:

Every Developer, doesn't matter small or big, that decided to publish their game on Kongregate portal, would notice a sudden and vicious drop in their game's score and tag ranks... in the last week of every month. How come?
Hah. I can imagine the same happening on Newgrounds also.
They too have monthly awards.

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Mar 11 2017 Anchor

Lol, I read your post and immediately had to think about you and Antumbra and what happened with the game on Newgrounds as soon as it became popular. Then I read the author's username and surprise! it was really you. :D

Nice to see you still being around here. Anyways, you're right. Kongregate and Newgrounds are definitely some really (let's say) strange places...


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May 23 2017 Anchor

Thanks for the info!

I'm looking at places to distribute my game, and I guess Kongregate is to be avoided.

About Newgrounds, I have been coming there for some time and it always struck me as a trustworthy website, but if the same thing
happens there, that's another one off my list.

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