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Aug 31 2016 Anchor

Hey the names William,

I have this Idea of a game that i would like to make. While making this i tend
to also get better at what id like to do as I hardly have any school exp. I only
back my self with a 1 - 2 years of massing with Unity 4-5. The game is basically
Simulation, Open World survival/strategy game. Why a game like this and whats
the details of it. Well I can say only one thing about it and there's an idea there
as I haven't seen any game related entirely towards who it's towards. The other
thing is its a survival game..... Yea there's a lot of those made and still being
made today. This game will have those features to bring the game to life with it
being a simulation. To bring the Strategy into the game..... Well that's soon to
come..... I have big ideas of this game as I'm not very experienced in this or if
anyone else isn't we may/can make a lower version and can in a later time
make a more advance one.

I have made some pages roughly giving a name of our indie team name too with
a Facebook, IndieDB, and a Website. If anyone would want to help me in doing
this. Please contact me on here by:

Facebook Page:

P.S. This is the first ever post I'm making bout this game being thought to a bigger
audience besides the facebook page I have which doesn't.

Jun 5 2017 Anchor

maybe we can help each other

Sep 13 2017 Anchor


I find your game project interesting and would like to work with you on it. That said my skill base really comes from story development, I am working on getting some programming skills at the moment but right now that is all I know (which is to write). So if you are interested please let me know. My email is, or just reach out to me here on my page. Before we begin working on the game I would like to start with thinking about the story around the game, the title you want it to have and all the other character elements that you want to put on, so that the world of the game can be started and be worked on. Soon after that, we can then work on the meat of the game, meaning concept art, character, level design, etc.

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