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Jun 1 2020 Anchor


I have recently learned of the user-mods available for VampireTheMasquerde Bloodlines game.

As it is one of my all time favorite games, i have tried to install it from the GoodOldGames site with the Clan Quest mode on my Windows7 PC.

Unfortunately, it crashes my computer. Yes, when i play it, my computer suddenly shuts down with no warning whatsoever.

This most often happens at the beach house when i am trying to get the astrolite.

This morning i switched from Windows 7 to Windows 10 and tried again, but this time around, the game shuts down my PC during the tutorial sequence with Jack.

I ran the game as admin, i disabled my antivirus, i set the page-size to be system-determined on all my drives, it doesn't work.

Can you please help ?

It looks like my graphics card fan is not spinning, maybe ?Untitled

This is from when i play the latest CounterStrike GO :

Untitled 1

I think i figured it out. I am manually setting my graphics card fan to a constant speed. I notice that the game now freezes every now and then, but at least my PC doesn't crash any more.

Well, everything seemed to be sort of working until i tried to get to the ship.

I can't get to Elizabet Dane because there's no boat at the beach. :(

Please help.

Never mind, it works. I just have to talk to the Annarchs first before i talk to LaCroix.

Jun 11 2020 Anchor

You are totally right, for brutal gamers, fan has to be at constant speed, ..continuously.
..with no remorse.

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