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Aug 24 2017 Anchor

I've already planned some emotional scenes and crucial plot twists in my main story including even the ending. A lot of the dialogue have already been filled in. However, I would like my game to have more side quests and perhaps more nations, towns and people to help out. However, I don't really want to simply add fillers to my game just to make it longer. I'm looking for a mixture of funny, exciting and emotional quests to add to my story. I would be happy to credit anyone whom might be willing to help expand my story. With it being a game and not a novel, I mainly only need intriguing dialogue and at times, brief descriptions of peoples' actions. If you might be interested in voluntarily helping me expand my story, feel free to send me a message and perhaps a friend request.
My story, "Asearia Chronicles: Twisted Fates", is set in a medieval fantasy world of humans, angels (mostly dead or fallen into demonic forms), demons and monsters. I have four main characters. The protagonist Cento is a cunning wizard with extreme talent whom doesn't mind acting in morally grey areas for the greater good. Ravenna is the main heroine. She is always eager to help those in need, especially poor people whom can't afford much of a reward to attract decent guild wizards to help them. She is the first ally to join Cento as the co-founder of their newly formed wizard guild (which doesn't even have a base until quite late in the story). The two are often mistaken as a couple. Shizo is a rather selfish thief whom ran away from his wealthy family to avoid an arranged marriage. Shizo is the third party member. He loves drinking with women, gambling and stealing. His only redeeming quality is his concern for his sister (which I have already written about). Marcello on the other hand, is a religious paladin, a typical knight in shining armour whom swore to do no evil. He was adopted and raised honourably by the Pope.
I've already planned out their emotional back stories so I mainly just want quests involving all these characters. Thanks for reading this post.

Aug 27 2017 Anchor

Hey Vincent!

I'm a new writer looking to get my feet wet in game writing. I'm actively looking for quest writing volunteer gigs so I feel that I could be a great fit for you. I'm a huge fan of fantasy, and I like the slightly dark side of your lore. As far as writing goes, I don't have any professional experience, but I have decent writing skills, a lot of untapped creativity, and a strong passion for fantasy and video games. I also think dialogue is a strength of mine.

I've never used this site before so I don't know the typical flow for working together, but feel free to send me an email at so we can talk and see if I'd be a good fit for you.

Many thanks!


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Aug 28 2017 Anchor

Hi Vincent and Ethan,

Vincent: I am in the same boat as Ethan in terms of writing, I have a few ideas and would like to help out give you some character dialogs if that is okay, and if possible could you create a blog page so that the three of us can bounce around ideas on some of your other side quest?


Aug 28 2017 Anchor

Hi Ethan and Kuzie,

I'm sort of in the same boat too. I've only just started experimenting with RPG Maker MV. I've never actually made my own blog before so I'm not too sure how it all works to be honest. Anyway, I'm glad to hear from the two of you. I look forward to becoming friends. My email address is

I do like the idea of bouncing ideas around. Do any of you have your own private blogs? I actually feel slightly nervous about revealing raw ideas openly for the world to criticize before we even have much of a chance to carefully improve on them.

Also, just out of curiosity, are any of you two working on your own epic game stories by any chance?


Aug 28 2017 Anchor

Hey Kuzie and Vincent,

I can get us a blog together if needed, but I'm thinking I could just set up some google docs for us to throw our ideas together, and we can collaborate and leave comments, etc. Kuzie, if you could email me at I'll add your account to the docs. Vincent, I'll add your account to the drive folder right now and we can get started.

I have a both sci-fi and fantasy stories that I'm currently working on, but they are in the early stages.

Aug 31 2017 Anchor

By the way, I would just like to mention that this thread is not restricted to just the three of us. Any shy lurkers who might be interested in helping are welcome to post here too. It's definitely not too late. I've only just updated some brief descriptions of the main characters due to my slow typing ability and my other commitments.

Sep 11 2017 Anchor

Vincent and Ethan,

Sorry I took a while to get back to you guys, and I would gladly send you my email so that we can work on the ideas, or I get an update on the current ideas that you have at the moment. Since I have been very busy with my normal life it has been hard to catch up on what has been going on in the gaming community, that said I will be try and be sending out updates each week as it will give me time time to look and review the progression of the story's plot line.


Sep 16 2017 Anchor

I've actually been quite busy too. Feel free to email me (see above) when you've got time. Ethan recently informed me that he was going on holiday. We're currently working with some shared google documents. As it is only voluntary assistance, I'd be happy with a weekly or even less frequent input if you are busy with other matters. I'm very slow at typing and I often divert a lot of time looking at ways to be a better writer and game maker as well as examining other peoples' works. It's possible that you may end up writing more in one day than I do in some weeks especially these few weeks. Thanks for offering to help.


Jan 17 2018 Anchor

Hi, my name is Tom. I am new to the game writing scene but would love to help if this opportunity still is avaliable. If need be I can write a quest or plot if given basic info to base it around, so you can see my work. If you could use an extra hand email me at

Thanks Plenty,

Tom Xenos

Feb 10 2018 Anchor

Hi all,

Pretty experienced writer here, looking for a side project to get stuck into! I would be very interested to see what kind of stuff you guys have come up with so far. Looks like a pretty fun setting and I like the characters. Get back to me on here or via email:

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