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Nov 30 2016 Anchor

How to get image library in Unreal Engine?

What is the best way to parse and input data to Unreal?

How much data is required to publish a site with 100 pages?

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Jan 23 2017 Anchor

Do you mean a C/C++ image library or a directory filled with images? If the first, read up on adding C++ plugins to UE4, if the latter, use the FileManager and create assets at runtime.

By using the data's documentation. Most data is read in as an array and various values mean different things. If you mean keyboard and mouse input, just use the engines input module and handlers.

Look at all the file-sizes and add them together. If you are talking about people downloading your content, it is the same amount minus compression. If you use a CDN, most of it will be cached if the client is set to cache.

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