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Mar 22 2017 Anchor

Hi guys.

I am working on a remake of an old Adventure, named the Dig. I tried to make a contect to some people, but get no answer till now.
After a few weeks, I hope to get some help from one of you.

I am fit in 3D Programm or storytelling, but less with codes.
I am looking for someone or a programm tobe able to unpack the games voice-, video and music-files.

The files are round about 200MB and called DIGMUSIC.BUN and DIGVOICE.BUN.

Does someone know how I can get to a solutiion for that problem?

At last, I have to play the whole game again and record the voice and music - omg - hope not.

Mar 22 2017 Anchor

If it is only about unpacking, have you tried with general programs such as Crass or ExtractData?

Mar 23 2017 Anchor


I didnt try any programm, because I have no knowledge about that part.
But I will look for them, thank you.


can't handle that...

I dont know, what to do and how, and if this is the right programm???????

Can't I send you the files and you extract them??

would you do that?

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Mar 23 2017 Anchor

I do not really think it is necessary...

The program would be this one:

It should look for common headers, and unpack the stuff it finds, if any (including music, sounds and images, in the format shown within the application).
The GUI is pretty simple, simply open those .bin files and it should begin to show the files within, you can decide whatever to extract all or just a single/bunch of file(s).

It is not guaranteed it will work but if you are looking to unpack, at least trying one of those programs is the fastest/easiest solution to try first.

Mar 24 2017 Anchor
Mr.NiceKai wrote:


can't handle that...

I dont know, what to do and how...

I have no idea what to do with the programm.

Type of Data to extract? cant find BUN rule.
I translated the helpfile but I dont understand a word written down.

I also cant find a tutorial or any other explains for the programm, to know what I have to do.

Finally the help document tells me, that the rpogramm only extract text files...

ExtractData is currently processing text files. At this stage, it does not process binaries and is intentionally not tied to certain RDBMS database products. Most RBDMS database products have facilities to create delimited text files from their internal tables or queries, and to import data back into them so that text files are typically created from them and can be read back into them fairly easily.

Mar 24 2017 Anchor

That is another program entirely.

ExtractData (from the link I gave you) was originally a Japanese program, translated into English.

Look, you can try sending me the files after all, and I will at least let you know if general unpackers such as ExtractData or Crass can unpack said files.

Mar 28 2017 Anchor

I found a programm to extract the soundfiles - so it seems.

I will try that. But if it isn't working, it would be nice, if you maytake a look to the files. thx.

oh the programm is named ScummRev.

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