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Dec 24 2017 Anchor

Who is better in your opinion? Who pays the most?

Feb 1 2018 Anchor

Each one has its advantages.

Unity Ads started as an ad network and then later launched mediation. Of course, this works great if your game is unity-based.

Admob is one of the best for banners and interstitials. But you can connect it through any other mediation.

Appodeal started as an in-house solution for a publishing company. So they have always been a mediation platform. They don't have an internal marketplace which makes it unbiased towards any ad networks. I've heard good comments from developers because the integration is easy and effective. And they have immediate payouts, which is really helpful.

Mar 29 2018 Anchor

I agree with Yvonne,

The only thing that i can add is about the difficulty to integrate to Unity3D.

Unity3d Ads is so easy to integrate, i just love it, in minutes you're set and also has the analytics that helps a lot (i'm not a Unity3D evangelist XD)

Admob has some little difficulties, mostly related to set up the ids and checking the correct connection between the game and Admob. Also, is not available sometimes in some territories (does not shows ads all the time)

Appodeal is great, the system mediation assures you that always will be an ad to show and the integration is not that hard. The bad thing is that the appodeal plugin does not play well with others. We had to eliminate leaderboards(prime31 plugin) for example to make it work.

Good luck!

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