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Feb 18 2021 Anchor

Title: Journey Blues

Genre: Turn-base RPG

Setting: Fantasy

Synopsis: Four traveling adventurers who journey across the Land of Blues to save the soul of their dear friend and fellow adventurer, Kahga. Kahga is a kind hearted woman with a sweet and soft spirit for monsters alike. However, during the parties travels her body and soul was snatched in an instant from a wandering legend. The legendary Great Spear Dragon. A dragon known to take the souls of the pure hearted, only to heal its wrathful heart. Legend says it keeps all the souls in its spear within a guarded castle. Not many know where to find the beast, but only to see it fly around once in a while on a full blue moon.

In-game Concepts (What I'm going for and what I have so far):

- 4 playable characters (2 males = Yahmir Blues, Raia Rihorne)(2 females = Yamaris Red, Etchin Gutndar)

- Linear Story

- 42 enemy types in total (27 normal enemies, 15 bosses = 11 story-line bosses and 4 optional bosses)

- 9 enemy locations, 3 towns = 12 locations total (Each enemy location will have 3-5 zones, including a Boss Zone)

- Boss Theme, Battle Theme and Travel Theme in each enemy location. Town Theme in each town as well as Menu Screen Theme and Ending Theme.

- Normal enemies have 3 animations (Attack, Death and Ability) Bosses will have about 5-6 due to more abilities.

- 20 different magic in total.

- Each playable character have 5 unique skills which is a total of 20 (4 characters in total)

- Skill point/skill tree system.

- 3D Fantasy World (Similar to current Final Fantasy games, but a small game. Must continue to express that for this specific project)

- Text base dialogue. Think this is best for now, rather than to have voice acting completely. However, might be able to do some voice overs for specific key game moments. OR...if a Kickstarter is made. We can make it a goal to add voice acting if the goal is reached. Just keep that in mind.

This is the basis of the game. A short RPG project that is doable. I'm willing to go in more detail, but I think I wrote enough. Let me know if you are interested in working on the project with me. Otherwise I have been add it alone. Would like to collaborate and bounce ideas around. Create a developing team for current and future projects. Would like to put this specific project on Steam and possible consoles as a digital product. I'm also interested in the mobile gaming market as I am impress with how visually pleasing many mobile RPGs and MMORPGs are looking. Kind of how I envision this game idea to look to some degree. This is a revenue shared project. Maybe a Kickstarter page with a working prototype. Just an idea I'm throwing out there. If you are interested, I created a discord that you can join.

Email me at this crazy email of mine:

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