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Jan 22 2021 Anchor

Hello Community,

I am the Andreas and new to the forum. I've been hobbyised with the creation of PC games for years. I am currently creating a new project.
My current project is a Tower-Defence Clone. The title of the project is "Annihilation from Space". This is a German project.

The rough story:
A Great Mother Spaceship (naturally hostile) visits Earth and wants to destroy one city after another. Your job is to prevent this. With skillful placement of the defensive towers, you should succeed.

So it will be about fending off enemy spaceship waves. Different towers are then available for this purpose.
There will also be numerous upgrades. However, the balance between the opponents and the defensive towers is quite difficult.
In total, there will be three different levels. I've already finished a little demo.

Here are some pictures from the first level and a small in-game video.


Tower Defense   Scifi 2021 01 09

Tower Defense   Scifi 2021 01 07

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